“Jennifer Moody is an experienced copy editor with an impressive resumé. She is also a gifted writer. Her talent in that field makes her editing skills even sharper, particularly for edits that need substantial rewrites. When I'm too busy to take on new work, Jennifer is the first editor I'd call and one of the few that I'd trust to take great care of my clients. She works quickly, but thoroughly. When you need the help of a smart, reliable editor, call Jennifer Moody. You'll be glad you did.”
Steve Tannuzzo, Owner, Tannuzzo Copywriting (www.tannuzzo.com)

“I hired Jennifer a couple of years ago for her outstanding writing and editorial skills, and I wasn't disappointed. She has an excellent command of the English language, an eye for detail, can quickly pick up new technology and concepts, will always lend a hand, and has earned the respect of all her colleagues. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Kathy Hayward, Owner, Pivotal Force (www.PivotalForce.com)

"It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer. She is an energetic and creative writer who pays close attention to details and deadlines. I am convinced she would be an asset to any business."
Linda Anderson, Owner & Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyles & Homes Magazines (www.HoustonLifestyles.com)

“Jennifer does an outstanding job of taking care of clients in an extremely busy environment. She can handle multiple projects and coordinate many programs simultaneously. Jennifer carefully reviews her work, presents information in a logical manner and offers incredible solutions to resolve issues. I highly recommend Jennifer for a role with customer contact and where details are critical.”
Sharon Mendoza - Customer Relationship Marketing Executive, Marketing and Advertising (www.SharonMendoza.com)