Books (novels, self-help, children's, etc.), magazines, websites, proposals/grants, and much more -- MoodyEdits' goal is flawlessness.

Correct misspellings, typos, punctuation, mislabeling, subject-verb disagreement.
Light Editing 
Above + correct incorrect word usage, check cross-references, consistency in sequencing, hyphenation, fonts, etc.
Heavy Editing / Rewriting
Above + eliminate wordiness, flag incorrect statements, rewrite and move sentences to improve readability and structure.
Technical Editing 
All copy editing tasks + suggest formats, validate all text and tables, ensure that document facilitates the reader’s understanding.


Proposals / Submittals 
Writing, rewriting, organizing, ensuring all requirements are fulfilled.
Co-writing, ghost-writing.
Magazine features, websites, bios, social media, bloggingguest blogging.

If you have a project that you do not 
see listed here, or to inquire about pricing, 
please send me an email. Thanks!