If MoodyEdits is eagle-eyeing your work...
Everything’s going to be just fine.

It’s difficult to proof your own work. 
Objective eyes (those would be mine) going through your document, word for word, multiple times, ensures the highest quality possible. And isn’t that what you deserve? What you demand? When you've put so much into a project, don't skip that final step...

Send your work to me. 
For a very affordable fee you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are presenting the very best “you” there is. (Request a price quote by email, and you will get a quick response.)

From publications to proposals, and everything in between...
You can't go wrong with MoodyEdits on your Team.
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"Jennifer is the first editor I'd call and one of the few that I'd trust to take great care of my clients." ~Steve Tannuzzo, Tannuzzo Copywriting
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Peace of mind is priceless...
...yet it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg to have it. I’m Jennifer Moody – Freelance Editor and Writer. My specialty is error-free documents. Hey, errors happen – everyone knows this. But a flawed document portrays carelessness – the last thing you would want your reader to think of you / your publication. 
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